Get the Look


There is nothing like feeling cozy when the weather turns cold, and you are looking for something to brighten your day. I first saw this photo on Pinterest. My dear friend Kellsie sent me a text alerting me that the exact sweater is from our Canadian brand Joe Fresh. Its no secret I love … LOVE online shopping, and have become a bit lazy when it comes to any other kind  ( especially when it involves your children crying, and you almost pulling your hair out ). Most sites now ship to Canada, and Joe Fresh just recently started shipping within Canada! YAY!  I decided to try my hand at my first Get the Look blog post, and was quite pleased when I found that cute mug can be purchased from another Canadian retailer Indigo/Chapters.

There is also nothing like having friends that know you MUST find out where all your favourite clothing articles are from and send you urgent texts keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest Pinterest finds! Thanks again Kellsie, your the best.


1.sweater,2.Cable knit socks,3.Cute Mug Pair with your favorite Skinny Jeans and your all set. I live in these.

Top photo Credit ( I could only find the link to a tumblr site….)