Lets start at the very beginning….


We moved into our home about a year ago, and I have been having fun adding our own  personality to it. Decorating is a somewhat new hobby of mine. I really didn’t  have a clue where to start when I moved into our first home, but have always loved beautifully decorated spaces. Through lots of trial and error, (and not worrying about what others think or if its following the rules) I found my footing in the world of design.

Most of our house is done on a budget with a flew splurges along the way (more on that later). I love a good deal and because I tend to change my mind so often, I like not feeling stuck with a look or item.  I also firmly believe in letting go and not being afraid of making mistakes. Paint can easily be changed and pillow covers are cheap. Learn what you love and others will usually love it too, but at the end of the day it’s your home so make it yours!




This is just a sneak peak of the front entry way. I am still working on my photography skills, so my dear friend Kate will be coming over next week to help me get some beautiful shots of our home to share with you all. I love color and a color I use over and over  is sea foam greens and blues. I Painted the stripes on the wall (with the help of my husband, he’s better at straight lines… I was always  more of a” wing It” kinda gal). I added a white table ( this space really could use a larger table but I had to re-locate that to the basement; so this is it for now) and some small details to finish off the space. I always like to use practical objects that relate to the room I’m decorating.  Your favorite handbag or MUST HAVE shoes should be out in the open on display!

~more to come ~