Snow Flurry


 I have a sister-in-law that is  just plain ole wonderful. She says things like ” LETS GO PLAY IN THE SNOW AND DO STYLE PHOTOS FOR THE BLOG”… she’s the best! We had grand ideas that we could get cute shots of Elizabeth and Paisley playing in the soft fluffy snow flakes and just enjoying the first days of winter…. oh how naive we are, silly silly girls. Needless to say as you can see in these pictures WE LAUGH AT ADVERSITY, two screaming ,crying babies and we carry on smiling and laughing…. at ourselves for being so foolish.

Heidi is pretty much a miracle worker, even though we could not get  one smile outta those girls ( pictures to come) she got some beautiful shots and captured the beauty of the first heavy snowfall on a calm, sleepy farm outside of town. Thank you Heidi for creating with me and always being up for anything!






Hat from sears, other option, Sweater topshop, black jeans flying monkey, bow ring old, buffalo dancer mukluks, fringe scarf 

All photo’s by salt light photos