Office and Guest Bed

Next up is our office/guest room. I wanted to plank the walls and Jade came up with this awesome idea instead! We used laminate flooring and that way there’s no staining or spacing involved. I really wanted to add subtle touches of gold in this room and found adding some Kate Spade wrapping paper to the back of our ikea bookcase made it stand out and added that little bit of sparkle. A quick and easy fix if your bored with your furniture but don’t want to buy a whole new piece.



I took all the shelves off the bookcase, gave it a good coat of spray on adhesive and slowly applied the wrapping paper much like you would wallpaper. It was a little tricky because wrapping paper is stiff unlike wallpaper which is flexible, but it cost me under $15 and just took some patience. I love how it turned out!





In a previous blog post I did a collage of some Rifle Paper Co. prints. Here is how I used them in this space. Wanting again to try and stick with gold accents I found these frames cheap cheap cheap at homesense. Not sure of how to frame the largest print (its an awkward size) and not wanting to spend the money on custom framing my good friend Larissa from Besotted Vintage suggested this glittered pants hanger diy. Worked like a charm! Thanks Larissa.


All of these cute pencils, paper clips and ruler are from superstore! Day planner is from girl in gear studio




All Prints and Gold Letter R from





Finally a little space for guests when they come to stay, or as Elizabeth seems to think her NEW BED!

all photos done by Kate at Velvet Leaf Photography