Master Bedroom















Clean and simple is what I wanted for our master bedroom. As anyone who loves decorating knows, its very hard to not change your mind or want to completely redecorate a space from time to time. With our bedroom I’ve left everything white except for our bedding and small décor accents throughout the room. This way if I ever feel like changing it up, it will be easier ( and cost less) to change a few things and make everything feel new again.

All our beautiful white furniture came from outside of Vancouver. My mother in law knows just where to find great deals and unique pieces. She also has a knack for knowing exactly my style and what I would like, even if it isn’t necessarily her own. She found these lovelies on Craig’s list and I begged and pleaded with my husband to swing by Mission on our way to the island for a visit the summer we were building this house. Thank goodness he said yes! They are perfect and I love them, plus the two end tables, the tall dresser. and my front entry way table came to a grand total of $600 which I think is a pretty darn good deal!

Sticking with the frugal scheme, we decided to try and make our own headboard. We used this tutorial  and it worked great! Ours is a little wrinkled because we used a very heavy velvet gray fabric, to get a  pulled tight look try using a lighter fabric. I love fabric headboards, but try and stick with a neutral color unless you will never ever change your mind on room décor. Its very time consuming and you would not be able to easily change your mind with this particular design.

We added a shelf above the bed so I could easily change out the look ( can you tell I change my mind a lot). And finally my favorite things in the ENTIRE HOUSE, are our table lamps. Jade had one rule when I was decorating. He did NOT want lamps sitting on the side tables in our bedroom, he likes space. I picked these out from Restoration Hardware, and was a little skeptical if I would like them. They add a touch of industrial charm to the room and helped me be brave and branch out using new and different items in the rest of the house. We all need to be pushed out of our comfort zones and usually find you like new things when you are ….. Brittany’s wisdoms…. on decorating, I’m done now 🙂

All photos by Velvet Leaf Photography