Master Bedroom Redo

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I decided our room needed a little change. However being a woman who changes her mind frequently, I didn’t want to do something permanent. Here’s what I came up with.

IMG_3137 Plain old black con-tact paper, this stuff is amazing! It comes in tons of colors and can be easily removed from your wall when you change your mind and want something new. I bought a huge industrial size roll from I did the first stripe without cutting or resizing it.


I used my baseboard to line up the bottom and then slowly moved across the room, peeling the backing off as I went so the con-tact paper didn’t stick everywhere and cause me to fly into a decorating rage ( not that I ever do that). Its super easy to apply and if you screw up, no problem this stuff peels off like a dream and you can just re-apply and smooth out all your bubbles.


After I did the first thick row I thought it needed a little bit more ,so I did one more stripe about 5″ thick and lined it up with the bottom of my window sill. Again I just removed the backing as I went along being careful to smooth out all the wrinkles and bubbles (this is fairly easy to do as long as your lines are straight… which hopefully they are …)



I’ll post more pictures as I finish the room. So far I am thrilled with it and the best part is NO PAINTING!

Con-tact paper , the frugal gals wallpaper!