Pinterest Inspired



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I love being inspired by pinterest. Most of the time I just take general ideas from what i see and make them my own. However when I saw this picture I had to find out where that cardigan was from! After finding this lovely ladies blog where the outfit post is from originally, she says the cardigan is from Sheinside. I have a hate hate relationship with this website, everything comes in one size and generally is made for short tiny people that don’t have issues with too long limbs that make everything thats cute on your computer screen, look ┬áridiculous on you. BUT I happened to also find the cardigan on a site I love called and it comes in two sizes s/m and m/l yay! It is ┬ádouble the price on there though, so definitely check out Sheinside’s if you know the one size fits all will in fact fit you. Heres a few other ideas for pulling this look together.

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1. Spool 72 Cardigan 2. Plain White Tee 3. the Perfect Bag 4. Boots 5. Jeans 6. A cozy Faux Fur vest