Julia’s House

My good friend Julia asked me to help her decorate her beautiful house this fall. We are slowly pulling everything together and I wanted to show some pictures of the process. Yesterday we started putting up the beautiful wallpaper that will go in her dinning room and a large rectangle behind her glorious Restoration hardware couches in the living room. The first time I went to Julia’s to scope out her house and start gathering ideas for what we would do, she mentioned her biggest concern was finding a way to decorate the largest wall in her home which also happens to be in the living room. We came up with the idea to section it off with wallpaper and trim to help make the room appear cozy without of course losing any of the large open space. I think its important for anyone doing renovations or decorating a brand new home to keep in mind that the most appealing living room spaces are  cozy and inviting, but not necessarily small. Its far easier to decorate a small space when going with the warm cozy vibe then a large space however its all about creating an illusion. Most floor plans these days lean towards wide open space or the open floor plan,with very few separating walls. This can be tricky when trying to design each room with separate decor themes or ideas.

In Julia’s house we have a very large open living room , the kitchen, and the dinning room, all together. All though we want all the rooms to flow we wanted to make each room feel separate and special. In the pictures below we started hanging wallpaper in Julia’s dinning room. We chose to only put the wallpaper in the desk/nook area and directly across the room behind her couch in a rectangle with trim matching her windows. This ties in both rooms but each will have separate components that keep them distinct from each other. Of course I will have more pictures to come but here are a few of us starting to pull everything together.

photo 2

The colors in the living room are so rich and inviting. Julia already had her furniture, rug, and that beautiful faux animal hide ottoman, so it was fairly easy to see where we needed to go from there. I suggested removing the clock from above the fireplace and using a picture that incorporated the animal hide ottoman. Its key in decorating to have more then one object in similar tones if you are using many different colors or wood stains etc. So in this case the animal hide ottoman was the only element in the room with those warm brown tones. We will swap the clock for the cow picture to the right and that will tie in the warm brown colors in the ottoman. Also Julia’s husband Brad made her that AMAZING wood side table between the yellow chairs. Its perfect and helps bring more of that warm brown color into the living room, and adds another “nature” element to the space.

photo 1

This wall is where we will make a large rectangle to help section off the living room and create a cozy space that ties in the dinning room.

photo 3

Dinning nook before


We have a very unique process of applying wallpaper haha, cut your stripes and make sure the pattern matches then tape them to the ceiling and apply your wallpaper adhesive to the wall ( only works of course if you need to apply adhesive and aren’t using a pre-pasted wallpaper), worked like a charm.

photo 5

Fun times

photo 4

Oh why hello there pretty lady, you are an excellent wallpaper’er ….

photo 1

ooo la la

photo 2

Time for her close up…. the wallpaper is actually a velvet flocked wallpaper in damask. Its so purrrty! Ignore my face and large ladder in back ground.

Elk antlers, old books and antiques to come.