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Blush Pink Nursery

Sea foam green dresser source

Love you to the Moon print source

I finally added a Design Service Menu at the top of the blog. I am still in disbelief of all the wonderful things that have been happening since I started this little blog in September. It really is true if you have a dream just keep working hard, putting your hand up when people ask for help ,and you never know the doors that could be opened. I was the girl 3 years ago that had no idea what to do with all the creativity bubbling up inside of me but when you find what makes you happy its true when they say it won’t feel like work. For those of you searching for your “thing” for lack of a better word haha just keep trying, keep an open mind, get your hands dirty and soon enough you’ll have a moment where you realize ” This is what I LOVE”. For me that is design, home staging and styling. ( keepĀ in mind some doors may close that you thought were IT, as happened for me many MANY times.)

Enough of the sappiness ….

Feel free to have a peek if you have been interested in some fresh new ideas for your space or just need a little inspiration. The at home consultation and Inspirational Design Board with products links is more geared towards the do it yourself client who just needs some direction and a clear design perspective. For full design services including product sourcing and actual physical styling of your space to completion those prices are available upon request.

Also if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at or contact me through the blog.