Diy pom-pom pillow case

pillowcase diy

This tutorial is so simple, but I decided to share it anyways because who doesn’t love a simple DIY!

The pom-pom trend is everywhere right now. From blankets to curtains and everything in between, this is a trend that is easy to get on board with because of its simplistic look….and its so cute and charming!. In a previous post I showed how I used cheap ikea pillow case covers and some fabric markers to make inexpensive cute pillows, and thought I would share how I took that same pillow case and made it just a little extra special with some pom-poms!

diy pom pom pillowcase

All you need for this DIY is:

one pillow case cover from Ikea

2 1/4 yards of pom-pom trim ( this gives you a little extra to work with)


a sewing machine and push pins

diy pom pom pillowcase 1

I started by pinning the trim to the outer edge of the pillow case cover. I doesn’t matter which side you do this too as they are the same.

diy pom pom pillowcase 2

Once you get to a corner I just folded the trim over so it kept going around to the next side. No cutting involved…. but you can cut yours if you like!

diy pom pom pillowcase 3

Their she is, all pinned and ready to hit the sewing machine!

diy pom pom pillowcase 4

Sew sew sew!

( I told you it was really easy)

diy pom pom pillowcase 5

All done! Now as someone with a pillow form addiction problem, I just happened to have an extra lying around, however if you don’t have this same problem make sure to pick one up to put in your pillow case!

diy pom pom pillowcase 6

photo 2-1

pom pom case