Basement Preview

photo 1

photo 2

I am still working away on our little basement but I thought I would share a few pictures of how it’s turning out. This was really fun because I actually got to pick everything out myself, wall color, chair rail, ceiling ( well that was my husband) wallpaper etc. It was fun getting to choose everything however it was also super stressful and made my husband and I think twice about what we want to do again if we move haha. I thought I was a ” I want to pick everything and have it all custom” however I enjoyed walking into our house and trusting that Robyn from Deeproot would do a great job MORE then picking everything out myself like I do for the basement. Something I love to do ¬†fun in other peoples homes but not so much in my own lol I am so terrible at making up my mind and worse sticking with my choices that I find designing my own space to be by far the hardest!

Please excuse the horrible quality of my iphone pictures and the unsightly cords hanging below the tv lol, we are working on that.