Protein Donuts

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I am a little obsessed with donuts….. so I am always looking for a healthy alternative! I love the Tone it Up girls and thought I would give their protein recipe found on their website, Tone It Up,  a try! Now don’t be fooled these are truly for the gal ( or guy) looking for a protein packed snack that just looks like a donut. But if your like me and love their protein powder Perfect Fit then you will love these, and if you have never tried it you should. You can always sweeten them up with coconut sugar or honey or replace the yogurt topping with real icing if you’re looking for something more similar to a true blue donut.

You can find the recipe for these donuts at the bottom of this post.

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perfect fit protein donuts

I was not paid for this post nor am I paid to promote any of Tone it Up’s products or Perfect Fit….. I really just love their stuff!