Baking with the Girls

lemon bars


lemon bars 3

You are probably thinking right now, ” Wow she made Lemon Squares and those look to be fresh muffins on the stove… she must be wonder woman!” But in reality I am just a baking goddess….

pais and mommy

and I had a guilty conscience after watching Pioneer Woman all weekend long on repeat, avoiding all my house work and cooking duties.

mommy and Elizabeth


Don’t be grossed out if you see some of my knuckles in there, grating lemons is hard work man!

lemon juicer

Ew someone needs a manicure


Phew that’s better!

I love baking with my girls however my kitchen is a good practice in patience as it is not very wide, and in true toddler fashion my girls like to open drawers or pull 5 stools into our already small space to “help” me, however I know how much it means to them when we cook or bake together so I let all my hopes and dreams of getting something done quickly ,and with little mess, float out the window and repeat to myself ” They are only little once” over and over in my head as we go. Another great trick when baking or cooking with little people ( or anyone for that matter) is to keep the window open so your neighbours can hear if you lose your temper….. this keeps me in check most of the time….alright like 50% of the time. Patience is not my virtue.

They always get so excited when it is time to bake and exclaim loudly how they can help because they are very very helpful….which is cute, but after Paisley dropped the marble rolling pin on the ground, just missing her little toes, and Elizabeth was trying desperately to get her play-do laden rolling pin all over my beautiful shortbread crust, I decided it was time to move them onto squeezing the already squeezed lemons 😉 This honestly entertained them for 1/2 hr while I finished everything up. We used the Lemon Squares recipe from Bon Appetit, Y’all. I love this cookbook and have enjoyed making many recipes from it in the past. These bars are originally made with regular sugar however I was out ( as usual) and substituted coconut sugar. They were super tasty but could have used double the lemon juice and zest , but this could be do to my coconut sugar substitute.

Recipe found in Bon Appetit Y’all

No one was hurt in the making of these Lemon Squares and in the end we had fun!