I love her so very much it hurts. She is becoming such a big girl but still has that soft sweet toddler side that comes out every once and a while and I cling to it. She is into making funny faces and sticking out her tongue…. constantly. I scroll through my phone and 99.9% of my photos of her are tongue out. She is her mother’s daughter, no doubt about that.

I see myself in her especially in her constant concern for her little sister. The other day we were leaving for school and Paisley decided she wanted to hang out in the garage till I was ready to put her in her car seat. When Elizabeth realized Pais wasn’t right behind us, she became frantic yelling things like ” Don’t worry Pais we won’t leave you behind!” and “Mommy don’t leave my sister behind OK!”  yelling this at me with her nose pressed up against mine… don’t worry Elizabeth it’s now implanted in my brain forever thanks. You would think I have left her sister somewhere or forgotten to bring her with us at some point ( this hasn’t happened…. yet).

I can’t blame her though you see. When Lindsay and I were 19, away on our own for the first time at Bible College, we went surfing for the first time ever with a large group of our peers.  It was really foggy that day and we were all given lectures about how we needed to make sure we weren’t drifting off to sea without realizing it etc.The super cool awesome, panic attack prone person that I am,became frantic that Lindsay ( being a slight person not made of strong stuff) would be swept away in the current or carried to far away from me. I was convinced I was the only thing keeping her from meeting her watery death, and I wouldn’t let her leave my grasp, never the less my sight the whole time. Ive been pulled under water and thrashed around by a current in Hawaii people, water safety is no  joke. Fun should be had on land I say.

We really didn’t make any progress with our surfing skills, and she was super annoyed with me for being a crazy insane person, embarrassing her in front of all our new friends. And I was perturbed because obviously I saved her life that day so she should be thanking me, but whatever…I digress….

I love you Elizabeth, your super cool and I wouldn’t have you any other way!