Get creative this Christmas!










If you’re anything like me, you may struggle with Christmas decorating. I love seeing what everyone on Instagram is doing for holiday decor but it often leaves me feeling like I need more. It’s a season of buy buy buy and go go go. I know I fall prey to it every year especially because I like keeping up with the trends. Being in the field of design has its perks but it has it’down side as well. There is always something knew and better out there and it can be exhausting let alone impossible to keep up.

Now I love style and design just as much as the next girl. I am not saying we should do away with getting in the spirit of Christmas, and the change of scenery that comes with. Some of my fondest memories are at Christmas when Mom would have the house dressed to the nines and it was so cozy, warm, and inviting. I can see how important tradition and fun experiences are for my own children. The trick is incorporating your every day items around the house with a few classic Christmas items ( or crazy ones, whatever your style may be). I didn’t have a lot of time nor money to pull this dining room table together, but I think it turned out great! It’s the perfect example of using what you’ve got. Spending little to no money on Christmas decor.

For the table runner I took some craft paper I had laying around, then some extra wallpaper I had and cut a strip to lay down the centre of the craft paper. I layered some polka dot lace fabric on top. Then I went around the house and found lots of candle sticks; they didn’t have to match, and faux flowers ( fresh is even better but not always possible)  layering them throughout the table. I wanted to do a mixed metal theme so I grabbed a lantern in silver and an antique gold frame and tossed those in there too. I tied it all together with some discarded garland from the year before and tada, a finished table perfect for entertaining!

I wanted the mantel to be festive too, so I layered some pictures and a mirror all in silver, gold or grey. It needed something extra so I dug through my craft drawer and found these gold sequins already made into the perfect little garland. I hung those up making sure to alternate the length of each “dip” and that’s it!

I am pretty sure only 3 items on that table are “Christmas” decor. The rest is everyday stuff laying around my house! It’s more fun and festive to be creative for the holidays anyways…. 😉