Instagram and a few of my favourite things…



I started getting into instagram about a year ago and just recently reach over 10,000 followers which was huge for me as believe it or not this blog was almost shut down after my first month of blogging because I just wasn’t sure of where I wanted it to go.

After I started sharing our home, and my interests in design and decor, things really took off. I’ve had a few questions about what got me to that 10,000 mark ( although in the grand scheme this is a rather small accomplishment but HUGE for me) and any advice I have to offer. The biggest thing is stick with what you love. I do the odd post on fashion and food but really try to gear my blog and instagram account to my love for design, and fun home decor that fits in everyones budget! Along with that I really took the time to sit down and think about how I wanted to market myself and my blog, clean bright pictures are a must for me. I take most of my instagram photos with my iPhone in natural light. I also received a  Rebel T5i from my husband in November and have been slowly teaching myself how to use it for my blog posts. But the biggest thing that seemed to work for me was being myself and sharing what I love, and not worrying wether people would like it ( trust me not everyone will) and what people thought ( half your friends won’t understand why on earth you keep posting 10 pictures a day of your favourite mug lol and that’s ok!)

If you follow along with me on instagram you know I LOVE me some “sayings” mugs. People probably think all I do is sit around and drink coffee because of how many posts feature one of these cute mugs, but I just love them so much!

I love fresh flowers but this is not always possible for me because I live in the coldest place on Earth ( jk but really ….) so sometimes faux is the way to go!

I am all over this gold flatware trend right now, they just need to start making them dishwasher friendly… but they are great for pictures.

I love cute vases and chapters has some great options. Also when browsing ( which sadly doesnt ship to Canada but I will cry about that later) i found these amazing imitation milk glass vases SO CUTE.

Polka dot napkins because who doesnt need more polka dots in their life. Also if your just starting out on instagram and need cheap cute ideas for helping add interest to your photos, napkins are a great option!

And finally,I love this pom pom throw from Anthro, its on my wish list right now!

favourite things

1. Target Treshold Tray 2. Faux Flower arrangement ( for those of us who cant have fresh all the time) 3. Mug Love ( if you’re wondering where one of my mugs is from its most likely from here) 4. Gold Flateware 5. Vase 6. Polka Dot napkins 7. Vase 8. vase 9. pom pom throw ( just because)