Interior Design in a Rental




The terms Rental Property and Interior Design don’t usually go hand in hand. Both my sisters currently live in rentals, and we often find ourselves discussing how difficult it can be to have your own personal style when renting. My husband and I also own a rental property so I know first hand how the property owner feels about having crazy colours painted on the walls, large holes drilled into those walls, and sometimes permanent damage done to the property.

The thing is the vast majority of renters want a clean neutral well kept home to move into. This is why landlords generally want to keep their home or apartment complex neutral. You have to have something that the majority of potential renters will find appealing. I also know I love colour and personality when it comes to my own home decor, and would be so sad if I felt limited in expressing that in my home, even if it’s not my forever home.

Maybe you will rent your whole life, what if you never tried finding some ways to make your home feel like  YOUR  home, but just lived with the mentality that it’s a rental and nothing can be done with it? I know that would drive me crazy, so I made a list of some good ways to inject style without damage. I also added some tricks for decorating a small space, if thats the type of rental you find yourself in!

There are usually many options for renting, so make sure you find a space that you can really see yourself living in! This will make decorating it that much easier!