take me to Paris….

2015-01-14 17.26.34



This mug sums up how I am feeling right now….

It finally warmed up enough so that Heidi and I could head outside and do a little winter wonderland photo shoot. I get a lot of comments asking where this beautiful Take me to Paris mug is from ( Chapters) and I think it is pretty much the perfect accessory. I also am in love with this headband from Three Bird Nest that my sister got me for Christmas last year!


2015-01-14 17.25.51


This is the first year where it didn’t snow until November and has actually been a really good winter until January! January has been so freezing cold ( -40 and worse) and so much snow that we have had multiple snow fall warnings, and all of it is starting to get to me. I love Grande Prairie winters because they are cold and snowy but usually have lots of sunshine but not this month. Apparently I really need me some sunshine because I have been really well blue this month. Thank goodness the sun came out and we were able to soak up it’s lovely rays!!

Things to love about winter:

The beautiful frost covered trees and soft sparkling snow

Christmas ( obviously)

Winter accessories and fun boots

Its cold enough you can see the steam coming off your coffee, making for beautiful photos

Fun snow activities, sledding, snowboarding, skating ( we haven’t done any of these….)

You can say you made it through a day of -50 degrees and so much snow you couldn’t get out of your driveway!

You can really appreciate spring and summer!