Living Room Source List

sourcelist copy


My living room by far gets the most questions asked about where everything is from. So for a while now I have been working on making an exact source list for everyone. I finally have it finished and hopefully this helps answer some questions about where all my “stuff” is from 🙂

Large Shag Rug We love our rug! It doesn’t shed and has withstood two very messy little girls. It can easily be cleaned as well which is perfect for us!

Mirror  keep in mind I added the gold and it isn’t as white as it is shown in this photo

Tufted Chair

Wooden Lamp

Assorted throw pillows ( most of mine are oldies so they no longer can be purchase, however I LOVE these and would totally use them) pillow 1 ,pillow 2,pillow 3 ( eep its already sold-out)

Ikea Karlstad Sofas ( my cover is discontinued, but this is the same frame)

Gold Letters

Coffee Table

Gallery Wall Art Work ( I made mine based of this lovely ladies work, however Sarah Swansons are better and SUPER affordable)

New York Print

Gold Side Table ( check out my super simple DIY to turn these simple side tables into stunners)

My floating White shelving is from here

My amazing mugs that everyone LOVES are all from here and here

Did I miss anything? I can’t believe the overwhelmingly positive response my living room photos always recieve. You guys make what I do so much better! Thanks for always being so encouraging and uplifting!

disclaimer: affiliate links were used in this post