Breakfast Bar with KITCH Farmhouse

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Happy weekend everyone!

Today I wanted to share a little Breakfast Bar shoot I did featuring some lovely linens c/o KITCH Farmhouse.

We eat most of our meals at our kitchen island. I wanted to do a little shoot to show how you can still dress up your meals even if you are sitting at your kitchen counter. My mom always took such care in serving all our food in nice dishes and even took the time to take the pickles out of the jar and place them in a nice dish. I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl and honestly its rare that foods even get taken out of the frying pan to serve much less the pickles from the jar, but there is something so comforting and enjoyable when your meal looks like you put a little bit of thought into it.

To start I set the island with these amazing place-mats c/o KITCH Farmhouse. I love the geometric print and how modern they are. Then I used our everyday plates from good ole ikea. I added these adorable gold and white dot napkins on top to add texture. I love me some cloth napkins, and these are so soft and durable! I used our fancy gold silverware that only comes out for special occasions and photo shoots because, well, they just look so much better! To invest in a good set check out mine from here. I love having fun cups and picked these colourful gold rimmed lovelies up from Target on major sale! Anything from Joy for Target is a MUST for me. It sings to me when I walk down the isles…. Sadly this will be over soon as Target is closing in Canada but I digress. My adorable little ceramic cacti are from Superstore ( Canadian grocery store). I recently picked up some white pottery from Crate and Barrel and it’s a kitchen game changer. Your eggs WILL look better in a white ceramic egg holder than the old grey carton, just sayin. And its so fun to serve fresh ( or in my case frozen) fruit to your family or guests from a white porcelain basket!

It’s the dead of winter here so we don’t have a lot of options for florals! But I managed to find some eucalyptus at Save On Foods the over day and it dries like a dream! You can use it over and over until spring comes, which is like 3 months away for us crazy Northern Albertans!

Then keep your kids in their pj’s till 3pm on a Saturday and use them as decor too because who doesn’t love a bright orange cheetah print pj’d 4 year old….

Missy from KITCH Farmhouse uses all organic materials in her products. These placemats and napkins are super soft, really durable, and come in a ton of different patterns for you to choose from.

And Guess What!

Missy is offering all Oh My Dear Blog’s readers 20% off with the code OHMYDEAR so head on over and grab yourself some amazing  linens!