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Hey everyone today I have a fun post on Photography! One of my more recent most asked questions is what camera do I use and what do I use to edit my photos. So I thought I would do a detailed post on all things Oh My Dear Blog photography!

The first thing I want you all to know is that my blog is just over a year old and up until this past November I refused to try using any camera other than my iphone. I was so overwhelmed at the prospect of taking my photos with a camera that I had no clue how to use, that I just kept putting it off. Then as my blog grew I realized it was really something I needed out figure out and FAST! My husband bought me the Canon Rebel t5i while I was gone on a trip and I was so excited… and nervous and scared haha. My sister in law who is an amazing photographer bought me a tripod to go with my new camera. I tend to have a hard time holding her heavy camera steady ( I am a weakling) and this really saved my photos from being blurry all the time at first. I just started using it to take my own photos with the self timer which has been so wonderful, because for most of the day when the sun is out and natural lighting is at its best, my husband and sister-in-law are at work and not around to help me do all my photo shoots.

The first thing you need to purchase after you get your new camera and tripod is a 50mm lens! This is the BEST lens and it changed my photos completly. It is the lens that will give you those crisp product shots with a blur in the background. Great for style posts and home decor posts and even just photographing your family if you’re not interested in blogging. Play around with it and pretty soon you will love it too.

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My camera settings:

For my camera with the 50mm lens I always take my photos on manual setting. This is a must! It’s not scary and you can do it. Make sure to watch a few videos online of how to set your specific models ISO, shutter-speed and f -stop.

My ISO is generally around 600- 800, the lower the better but this works well for the lighting in my house. My shutter speed is always changing depending on the time of day or how bright or cloudy it is out. To give you that bright, white look to your photos you need to play around with the white balance and f-stop. My f-stop is at 2.0. I also keep my white balance on auto most of the time.This will all seem like gibberish but trust me it’s not hard to get once you play around with your camera for a while. I am lucky and have a very bright and white home, this┬ámeans I do not have to add extra lighting when taking my photos. Again just make sure to let in as much natural light as you can and play around with different areas of your home to find the best lighting.

Also look at some of your favourite photographs and really study what you love about them. I am always drawn to really bright and white photos, but maybe you love food photography that has more shadows and an earthy look. Then add items to your photo that will mimic this look. If your trying to make a product like sunglasses a magazine and a coffee really stand out, place them on a white surface. Don’t have a white surface, head to the craft store and buy those big sheets of white card stock in the kids isle! Like the dark earthy look, find a chalkboard surface you can place your products on and adjust your shutter speed as not to let in so much light.

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Next make sure you’re taking pictures during the day. Natural light is essential for me as a newbie photogrpaher. It gives my photos that bright, colourful look without having to add a zillion filters to every photo.

Speaking of filters I mainly use Afterlight on my iphone to brighten all my photos and ┬áclarify them. Just brighten then clarify over and over till you get your desired level of brightness. Sometimes I will use Fotograf on them to soften the photos and create that magazine look simply by using their ready made filters which in my opinion are the best. Both of these are apps. I rarely use Lightroom and have never used Photoshop to edit any of my photos. To easily transport your photos to your phone get Dropbox if you don’t already have it.

Now play around with different angles. Stand on top of stools or your counter ( as I did for a lot of these pictures) to get a straight on shot, which tends to be the most appealing. Take lots and lots of pictures because you never know which ones will be your favourite.

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Tips on photographing children:

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Say a prayer.

It’s not easy and usually makes me want to cry or drink after, but I refrain….

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