Kitchen Source List



So I thought I would do a little kitchen source list similar to the living room one I did which you can find here. I love our kitchen with its white, fresh and clean feeling. Now of course it is tricky to mimic our kitchen entirely without having white kitchen cabinets, but I thought I would share some of our decor, and a rug I have had my eye on for our dinning room for a while now. I think decor in a kitchen makes all the difference and it can usually be purchased for cheap, with one exception… a kitchen aid mixer. I got mine as a gift two years ago and I have to say it has been the BEST present ever. I love the colour ( pistachio) and it makes my counter sparkle, but guys it made me bake more often which can’t be a bad thing ( or can it)…. I loooove it, and highly recommend buying one if you are on the fence or putting it on your wish list if you can’t get one right now for yourself! So have some fun with your kitchen and don’t take yourself or your counter tops to seriously! Find a cute cookie jar and add a splash of gold with your flatware. Another decor tip I love to do is stack my wooden cutting boards against my backsplash. It adds great texture and is practical. Happy shopping!

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|rug|table|dinning chair in weather oak drifted|kitchen counter stools|

|Plates exact white and similar seafoam|

|Fancy dinning chair similar|kitchen aid mixer|pendants|

|cookie jar similar|gold cutlery similar|