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Britt’s Jeans similar|Yellow Coat|Lace Blue Top|Britt’s shoes c/o|earrings similar|

|Jade’s shoes c/o|Jade’s Jeans similar|Blue t-shirt similar|

We decided to do a his and her style post for a fun switch up on the blog today! My amazing husband is always so helpful and supportive in the background of the blog so when SoftMoc sent us both a pair of amazing shoes from their new Spring collection we thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a post together! Here is a little story about how we fell in love!

 We met in Bible College and were both attracted to the other but never officially dated. Instead we became great friends and when school ended went out separate ways. I was supposed to come back for a second year of Bible college but I ended up not going, however Jade did a second year. We weren’t in contact for the next 2.5 years so I didn’t know what was going on in his life or where he was living.Then when I was 21 and living in Edmonton, and  going to school for Esthetics, my mom was sitting in a restaurant I used to work at in Grande prairie ( my home). She saw Jade poke his head in the restaurant and then leave. She wrote me right away saying ” I think I just saw Jade walk into Jeffrey’s”, which was strange because he is from Vancouver Island and as far as I knew still living there.  I wrote him right away and he was in fact living in Grande Prairie for the summer for work. I had a million weddings to go to that summer so when I came home for one we met up with a group of mutual friends and talked for the whole day, and the rest is history! I love our love story, it shows how God brought us together when we had so many chances to become a couple prior but the timing in both our lives just wasn’t right. He is my best friend and loves me and all my “stuff” and I couldn’t have ended up with a more perfect man for me! We were engaged 8 months later and married  one year after we officially started dating! We have now been married for 6 years and have our two sweet little girls and although life isn’t always perfect by any means I am so glad we are going through it together!

Now on to the fun stuff! Softmoc has offered to do another giveaway with Oh My Dear Blog! We love SoftMoc, they have 108 locations across Canada and these moccasins are available exclusively at SoftMoc. The quality of the shoes we have recieved is amazing and they have tons of styles and well known brands to choose from!

 Here are the two pairs of shoes that will be in the giveaway, one lucky woman will win BOTH these pairs of Moccasins!

To enter the giveaway head on over to my instagram account here, and make sure you are following me. Then tag three friends in the comments of my picture. I will draw the winner on Thursday, March 12. You must be following @ohmydearhandmade and tag three friends in the comments to win. This contest is open to all Canadian residents excluding Quebec.bali moc

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