Oh My Dear Blog’s favourite Ikea DIY Round-up!



i love me a good Ikea Hack or DIY, the simpler the better! So I rounded up a few of my favourite from Pinterest and three of our own we did here on Oh My Dear Blog.


I am a huge fan of everything Monika Hibb’s does, but I especially love her gold touches through-out her office in her old house. Monika and her husband are currently building a new home and I for one cannot wait to see what new design tips and ideas she has up her sleeve. I love getting inspiration from other bloggers and Monika is at the top of my list for design inspo. Her Diy’s in her office just involve a can of gold spray paint, my favourite is this one. Check out Monika’s whole house tour here and don’t be afraid to break out the gold… I have a few more ideas to help inspire your inner glam!

Photography for Monika’s office is by Jamie Lauren


I love Amanda’s desk from advice from a 20 something blog. I have seen this all over Pinterest and every time I am drawn to it. The gold legs of her desk with the pop of orange and coral just give you a warm cozy feeling but still keep with looking very glamourous. Check out her simple ikea desk hack here!

photography for Amanda’s home tour from www.edytaszyszlo.com


My most recent Ikea Hack find is Sarah from Smitten Studio’s lovely Tarva dresser Ikea hack. This dresser is STUNNING, and I need to find more space in my house to try making my own haha I just love it so! Check our her simple DIY here.

Now onto our own Ikea Hacks


This is our most popular Ikea hack originally found here. This bookcase was in need of a little update so I simply added Kate Spade gold polka dot wrapping paper to the back, using spray on adhesive. It was so simple and made a huge impact!

Photgraphy for our Guest Room done by Kate Ediger of Velvet Leaf Photography


The first room I focused on decorating when we moved into this house was the girls room. they share this bedroom and I wanted to make it something special for them so I got to work right away. I ended up painting their Ikea Dresser in shades of peach to make an ombre effect. I simply did one quick coat of Zinsser oil based primer and let that dry. Then I did 2-3 coats of paint and let it cure well ( about a week) before letting any little hands touch it. This helps the paint stick to the slick surface that comes along with most Ikea products. I picked my shades of peach by finding a color swatch I liked ( I can’t remember the name) and just using the first three colors from that swatch. This gives you the perfect ombre look.

Photography by Kate Ediger from Velvet Leah Photography

Photo 2015-03-12, 11 00 44 AM

Finally our last Ikea Hack of the day. I was searching high and low for the perfect side tables, but didn’t have a lot of money to spend and wanted something simple. I ended up searching on Pinterest and found a few ikea Hacks for these Ikea PS 2012 side tables. None were exactly what I wanted but i grabbed my trusty old can of gold spray paint and now they are the perfect side tables for our home! And they are so affordable you guys! Check out the original DIY post here.

Photo 2015-03-12, 10 59 19 AM