Comfort Works Ikea Karlstad Custom Slipcover Review

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Oh My do I ever have an awesome product review for you all today!

Let me start by saying I love my Ikea Karlstad couches and by far get the most questions asked about them on Instagram and my blog, however the cover we originally chose has since been discontinued. On top of that it is a bit of an awkward shade of grey. In some rooms it looks true grey but in most it looks blue grey, and I mean blue blue grey, so although people loved it, I have been on the hunt to freshen up our Ikea couches for some time. My husband and I originally looked into just purchasing a new sofa cover from Ikea. I wanted to make our sofa and love seat look similar to some Restoration Hardware couches I had fallen in love with that were a soft sand beige. The closest Ikea has in a Karlstad cover to this is lindo beige. The color wasn’t exactly the light and airy beige I was going for and at $329 for a not so perfect for me cover, I figured we should just keep searching.

Fast forward about a year later and I still hadn’t found what I was looking for, when Comfort Works contacted me to do a review on their Ikea Slipcovers! I was so excited and e-mailed them back right away. I worked with Rachel from comfort works in picking out what style I wanted my couches to look like, I even e-mailed her a picture of the sofas from Restoration Hardware as my inspiration. She e-mail me back suggesting we go with comfort works Karlstad long skirt sofa cover, and it was perfect!

Now to pick the perfect shade of fabric. This was the best part of working with comfort works, they send you up to 8 fabric samples for free to help you make your choice. I knew I wanted cream or beige so I chose all those samples. Thank goodness for samples, because once I held them up in my living room I ended up choosing one I didn’t think I would so always always get samples haha. I ended up picking Liege Biscuit. The colour was perfect and it had high ratings for durability, comfort and was kid/pet friendly! The liege fabrics both come with a Nano coating, which gives this linen fabric a liquid stain protection. It is amazing! For this reason alone I would buy these covers with this fabric if you are a lover of light furniture ( like me) but can’t understand how people keep their furniture light with children or pets!

We put together a little demo & video for you guys so you could see how amazing this Nano coating really is. Keep in mind this fabric feels like linen and you would never know this coating is on here.



After I picked my shade they arrived at my door within two weeks, and I was blown away with the quality and how STUNNING they were! My husband was concerned about having to take our couch apart to put them on, however because we went with the skirted sofa cover it was soooo easy.

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They come in this big grey sack, as you can tell I am super excited!

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Here is a before shot of our sofa. It was in need of some TLC that’s for sure!

Photo 2013-04-20, 9 34 50 PM

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Everything is labeled which is so lovely!

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I just put the covers over my existing covers so when it came time to wash them I would have sofa covers on the couches while these ones were being cleaned etc.

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This may seem silly to some but I was super impressed with the zippers on these babies! I love me a strong and sturdy zipper guys!

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It’s seriously that easy! Now to get all the wrinkles out I used an iron and turned the setting to low and just ironed them right on my couch. But make sure you check your fabric as I am sure this may wreck certain fabrics!! The wrinkles came out right away.

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Needless to say everyone who has walked in our house cannot believe how they have transformed our space, AND how incredible they look, pictures don’t even do them justice!

Make sure to check out Comfort Works website, they also just recently added their Custom Slipcover page which means they are now able to slipcover all types and brands of sofas, etc!

I am thrilled and cant say enough good things about this company and how delightful they were to work with! Thank you Rachel for all your help, we truly are in love with our Karlstad Sofa’s once again.

For a full living room source list including where our rug is from head on over here

**Both our Sofa and Love Seat slipcovers were gifts from Comfort-Works for posting this review**