How to Make a simple “Naked” Cake

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This weekend we are celebrating Easter a little early and a few family birthdays as well. I am hosting dinner at our house and wanted to make something special for dessert! Every time I got on Pinterest I see a beautiful “Naked” cake, meaning it has no icing coating the outside and shows all its beautiful layers off. I decided I would attempt one of my own with a special Easter twist using Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and coconut on top! It turns out it is super simple and takes no time at all, much easier than icing an entire cake or using fondant etc.

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The most important part is  making sure all your cake layers are as even as possible. I have tried using lots of different tools to slice the curved top off my cakes in the past, and what I have found the easiest is a serrated knife. Go slow and try and get it as even all over as you can.

P.S I hate making my own cakes, so I used a Betty Crocker Moist Chocolate Cake from the box. For this cake I used two box’s which made 4 9″ circle cakes. It is super tasty and moist and turns out better than my homemade chocolate cake every time so I saved myself the headache and got to work decorating in no time!

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Now for the icing in between each layer. I used a sour cream vanilla icing and added a touch of peach Wilton gel color to turn it a soft blush color. Icing recipe as follows:

8 cups of icing sugar

3/4 butter softened

3/4 cup sour cream

1.5 tsp vanilla

milk or buttermilk

Mix all your ingredients together. If your icing is a bit stiff add some milk or buttermilk till it is nice and soft. This will make spreading it on your cake that much easier.

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I just did a thin layer in between each layer of cake and made sure there was enough that it softly fell over a few edges. To help achieve this look give your cake layer a wiggle when you place it on top of the icing, it should help drip some icing over the edge. The fun part of making a Naked cake is it can look a little messy and thats the beauty in it!

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She waited so patiently!

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Ferrero Rocher sent us a lovely box of assorted Easter chocolates and it worked out perfectly because my Aunt’s favourite chocolate is Ferrero Rocher, I love when things work out like that!

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I added some pink pearl sprinkles and coconut, and was liking how it looked

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But I thought it just needed a little something more so I made a quick chocolate ganache by melting 8 oz of chocolate and 1/2 cup of milk ( I didn’t have cream) in a saucepan and slowly poured it all over the top….

I added some more pearls and coconut and voile easy  and soooo pretty!

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Now go try making your own naked cake and thank me later!