Three ways to Style your Kitchen Counter.

I often get questions asking how to style kitchen counter tops, and I find it’s a fine balance between using decor and kitchen objects from your cupboards to help achieve that “styled” look without looking to cluttered. So I thought I would share three styling tips I use in our kitchen.Photo 2015-04-23, 12 12 45 PM

1. The first thing I love to use when styling counter tops is wooden cutting boards

Photo 2015-04-23, 12 14 30 PM

Photo 2015-04-23, 12 13 53 PMYou can buy so many different kinds of wooden cutting boards in all different price points. I picked my larger cutting board up from Superstore  and the smaller from I like to layer my cutting boards, and use different shapes. I also try to purchase all my kitchen accessories in colours I know will go with my other stuff. Like this recipe box, it came in an array of colours but I chose white because I know it will work with my other decor and look clean and simple in the kitchen. I am personally not a huge fan of bright kitchen accessories like coffee makers or toasters and tend to stick with white but you do whatever you like just try and get colours that work together or appeal to your eye because they will most likely be sitting on your counter top for you to stare at day in and day out.

2. The second thing I love to use when styling a kitchen is a small framed picture you love and seasonal fruit!

Photo 2015-04-23, 12 17 53 PM

Photo 2015-04-23, 12 19 30 PM

I love the pop of colour this frame brings to my counter top and this citrus fruit print goes perfectly with my polka dot bowl of baby limes! Often when I am tasked with styling a kitchen I start rifling through the fridge to find beautiful and practical decor! Especially in summer when the fruit choices are plentiful remember to grab a nice simple bowl and fill it up with your favourite fruit!

3. And my third tip is displaying your beautiful cookbooks!

Photo 2015-04-23, 12 20 09 PM


I love having my cookbooks out on the counter. I’ve used my bunny cookie jar and polka dot jar as book ends. Remember you can fill any type of container with flowers, it doesn’t always have to be a vase. Most of my accessories are in white,gold or mint so it’s super easy for me to mix and match  and make beautiful vignettes all throughout our kitchen.

I hope you found this helpful, and remember to have fun and don’t take yourself to seriously! Your home should be a reflection of you and what you love so be yourself and play around with styles till you find one that suits you perfectly!