Cream and shades of Pink style Post

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Jeans| Sweater| Bracelet| Purse similar| Shoes similar| Necklace|

I love spring but here in Grande Prairie the weather can turn at any second and our spring is still pretty chilly compared to most places. A warm sweater is still 100% appropriate but most days we can get away without a coat … Yay! I love this soft cream sweater c/o Privilege Clothing. It is perfect for spring and great for layering or keeping it simple with your favourite jeans and some pink accessories…. is it surprising that my favourite color is pink? I love me some pink, in every shade and all at once!

Also I wanted to share about my latest nail obsession GelMoment. Gelmoment is a long lasting Gel  that requires no base coat or top coat and takes 5 min. to apply. The polish is cured using an LED light and is vegan and cruelty free and completly ouderless. It’s also safe for the whole family to use! I share posts with my hands a lot especially on instagram and can usually only get about 4 hours out of nail polish before it chips and looks terrible, this has totally changed my nail game and I am loving this long lasting product! To check it out for your self head over here.  In these photos I am wearing Flamingo blossom ( my favourite).

Wrap Bracelet c/o privilege clothing can be found here.

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