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You guys I have a confession to make….. I am the WORLD’S WORST sleeper! Ok maybe not the worst but it’s pretty bad. I go through weeks where I maybe get 3-4 hours a night, and lay there the rest of the night wanting to cry! I thought it was just something I would have to live with but when asked me to do their goodnight sleep challenge I was so excited to learn some tips on how to kick this bad sleeping habit of mine. They sent me some amazing tips all of which were so helpful and guess what I actually slept through the night!!!

Here are some of my favourite ones

#1. Stick to a regular sleep schedule

This was huge for me and really seemed to help my body know when it was time to start winding down. It was interesting to me that this tip and my next favourite tip are things we do for our two daughters to help them sleep better, so why wouldn’t they work for us grown-ups too!

#2. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual

I loved this tip! Just like we give the girls their bath, read a story, sing a song and say our prayers to help them wind down and get ready to sleep, its something we should be doing for ourselves. It really really helped me calm down and shut my mind off from the day ( which is usually what keeps me up at night…. can’t stop thinking!!) Having a bath, taking time to take off my make-up and maybe do a face mask and reading a calming book were some of the things I did to wind down.

#3. Eating certain foods can help aid in a goodnights sleep!

This was huge for me. We eat really healthy usually, but I will admit I am not good in the afternoon. Between feeling snacky and EXHAUSTED I  usually reach for something sweet and a big cup o’ cup of coffee to wash it down with. BUT did you know depending on your body, caffeine can stick around and effect your sleep especially if you drink it in the afternoon! Don’t worry I have got you covered for that afternoon slump. With the list of sleep-friendly foods in hand I came up with a delicious smoothie that covers both your need for something to sip on in the afternoon and it’s filled with loads of healthy proteins and fats to keep your energy up for the rest of your day.

Its way better then a coffee and will help you sleep better too, win win!

Other amazing tips are to avoid naps if you have trouble sleeping, exercise daily, evaluate your room( keep the temp.around 60-67 degrees with no distractions and possibly something with white noise like a fan), sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows, use bright light to help manage circadian rhythms, avoid alcohol cigarettes and heavy meals in the evening, and finally if you can’t sleep go into another room and do something until you feel tired.

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