Apple Crisp in a Mug





apple crisp in a mug

When it comes to fall there is one dessert that always comes to mind, Crisp. I love all kinds of crisp and it is always my go to dessert choice especially when we are having company over. But what about those days when you are craving something sweet but you don’t want to wait 45 min. for a crisp to cook or end up eating the entire pan of crisp all yourself ….

Well I have a solution for you!!! Insert my warm and decadent Apple Crisp in a Mug! Just like all those amazing cookie, and brownie mug recipes this one cooks up in a jiffy and is single serving size, but its soooo much healthier for you!

All you need for your own Apple Crisp in a mug are 4 ingredients!!!

Screen shot 2015-11-25 at 4.09.07 PMFor your Apple Crisp in a Mug you will need

1 apple of your choice

1/2 cup of quick oats

1/4 cup of coconut sugar

~or brown sugar but reduce the amount to 2 heaping tbsp if you replace it with brown sugar as brown sugar is much much sweeter then coconut sugar

2 tbsp of cold salted butter

Photo 2015-10-22, 5 51 10 PM

Peel your apple and cut it into bite size pieces. Its important to keep the size uniform so they cook evenly in the microwave.

Photo 2015-10-22, 5 51 35 PM

Pile your slices into a mug or bowl

Photo 2015-10-22, 5 52 14 PM

Mix your oats, coconut sugar and butter in a bowl making sure to crumble the butter in till it resembles wet sand

Photo 2015-10-22, 5 52 42 PM

Now stuff all that buttery, sugary goodness into your mug. Really go for it. It may seem like a lot but it will melt down while cooking so get every last morsel in there my friends!

apple crisp in a mug

Yum it looks good enough to eat already, now comes the best part

Photo 2015-10-22, 5 53 42 PM

All the magic happens in your microwave!

Each microwave is different so its always good to do less time and add more if needed. For this recipe we are using our new Panasonic Cyclonic microwave. I love the sleek design of this microwave and it’s amazing new technology. Instead of the old traditional microwave, the cyclonic microwave evenly distributed energy, cooking any food or beverage evenly. It also has a ton of incredible features like the sensor cook feature . This feature allows you to cook/soften food perfectly without setting time. It also has a handy button that reheats your coffee to the perfect temp…… a necessity in my life haha. Pretty in form and function, thats what I want in a microwave!

I found having the power set to 5 was perfect and it only took a min and 30 seconds to cook through. The best part of this microwave is it cooks your food evenly, unlike my last microwave that made my one min. recipes touch and go when it came to cooking anything evenly.

Photo 2015-10-22, 5 54 09 PM

Another feature of this microwave I love is the quick 30 button. It allows you to add 30 second increments up to 5 mins. by simply pressing this one button! Easy shmeezy.

  I found a min and 30 seconds was the perfect amount of time to soften those apples and melt that butter creating a sinfully delicious treat thats so tasty and pretty healthy, so we should probably just call it breakfast….

apple crisp in a mug

apple crisp in a mug

Whats your favourite fall treat?

This post brought to you in partnership with  Panasonic