New Dining Room Rug and decorating with Kids

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Dining Room Decor

I have been on the hunt pretty much for a  year for the perfect dining room rug. Every time I would mention to my husband or a family member that I wanted to find a rug for under our dining room table everyone would tell me I was CRAZY lol With two little girls and a messy world of crafts, glitter and meal times, it was a decision I thought about for a loooong time. But in the end I knew a rug would really help finish our dining room. Also our wood table and floors are almost the same color and I wanted some separation between them. I love how it turned out, however I want to take this time to cement in your mind that this was strictly a decor decision. My “job” is running this blog and my social media platforms and with that comes along a lot of decor decisions I wouldn’t necessarily make if I wasn’t in this world. Do I think everyone needs a rug under their table? No! Do I think it’s not going to get super dirty and have stains on it? No. However I take a lot of pictures of our home and this made sense for me, but please please please do not take from this that you should also have one in your dining room if right now thats not feasible or even something you desire.

But on another note I do happen to get a lot of comments on my instagram from moms declaring if they didn’t have children they too would have my style of decor.  I want to remind you I also have children. I have two daughters they are 5 and 3( almost 4) and they make messes too lol but I still decorate and I don’t believe in putting that off till your children are grown and out of the house. Sure stuff will get messy, stained and even broken but thats ok, thats life. If you like to decorate, then for heaven sakes decorate just don’t get to attached to the “stuff” because there is a good chance someone will throw a soccer ball at it and won’t survive, and your white rug will actually be a strange off grey color……

I have a few rules that make keeping our white home stay white

I clean it. A white kitchen gets just as dirty as a black one, both should probably get cleaned every once in a while, but I actually don’t find that it shows that much dirt and grim to be honest.

We have a craft room now downstairs where they can glue and paint and glitter everything and anything to their hearts content! This helped me make the decision to go for the rug in the end ( we used to do all that stuff at this table). We try to keep them and their sticky chocolatey hands at the counter when they eat, but if you were sitting on my sofa or laying on my rug you would find chocolate stains on the sofa, cereal stuffed in the cushions, and probably creatures living in the shag rug. A camera only shows half the picture and thank goodness it does because otherwise you all might be shaking your heads at me for how dirty our home is sometimes. Also two years ago when the girls were really little I never NEVER would have had a rug in the dining room or decorations all over my coffee table etc. so new moms remember its just a season of life, and I too once thought it would never be possible to decorate again, but it will be. Also don’t feel bad about setting some rules when it comes to your pretty things, not everything is a toy and a gentle reminder not to touch goes a long way 😉

Now on to the fun stuff the sources! I got so many questions on instagram where everything was from I thought I would just add it all on here.

Dining table and wooden chairs ~ salvaged wood and weathered oak

Fabric Chairs

Let’s Stay Home Picture