Budgeting for Christmas and gift Ideas for under $25


christmas gift ideas under $25The Holidays are my favourite time of year.

I love Christmas, but I have to admit I become completely overwhelmed every year when it comes to picking out and purchasing presents! The stress of finding the perfect present for everyone from my mom and dad to my husband is so overwhelming not to mention the cost of buying for everyone on your list can be so stressful BUT I have a few helpful tips and tricks that Jade and I have done over the years that make Christmas time a joyful time not a stressful time.

Budget Budget Budget

Making a plan and being aware of each and every gift you purchase is so important. Jade and I decided a few years ago we would start putting money away every month for Christmas time alone, and although this may seem over the top it has truly been the best decision when it comes to not having unexpected  ( or expected) expenses derailing our savings every year. You know that Christmas will come around again so you might as well be prepared for it! Set out your budget and figure out how much you need to set aside every month to achieve that budget at Christmas time.

I always sign up for my favourite retailers e-mail updates. They send out great promotions and info on their upcoming sales and this can be so useful when preparing your lists for Christmas.

I live in a city that doesn’t have a lot of shopping options so I do most of my shopping online. However a recent TD survey found that 37% of people that did their survey over spend when shopping online, so there are a few things I ALWAYS keep in mind when shopping online.

Consider international expenses.

Guys here in Canada it is so important to remember that if a shop is in USD dollars and doesn’t include duty/shipping that really inexpensive gift you found from Anthropologie is actually going to cost you almost double if not more then what it is listed for online. Instead if you are not from the U.S like me, try calling a store in your area to see if they carry what you are looking for online. I live about 4 hours from Edmonton, AB where there is an Anthro store and often I will call and see if they have an item in store and will ship it to me. I end up only having to pay the shipping costs and sometimes their items are the same price as though you were in the states ( gasp, I know) so it is always worth calling around and checking stores.

Cut your shipping costs buy purchasing from a store that ships for free! I love sending books from Amazon or Chapters to my friends and family and just enter their shipping address at check out. You can often request that the item is gift wrapped as well so it’s already to go and you hardly have to lift a finger!

Think outside the box!

Redeem your credit card loyalty points for your holiday gifts this season. On that note make sure you are with a credit card company that has a GREAT loyalty & travel points system like the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite* credit card that offers  redemption flexibility for not only travel but name brand merchandise and gift cards! You wouldn’t believe how many people do not remember to use up those points! It’s pretty much free money, so don’t forget about them this holiday season.

Attach a small gift to your holiday card for a friend like an unexpected shade of your favourite lipstick they may not purchase for themselves or a travel size  perfume. This way you don’t have to fill up an entire gift bag with goodies but the thought was still there.

It’s not surprise if you follow me on instagram that I love mugs! Get your friend or family member a cute novelty mug and fill it with a little bag of homemade cocoa or some of your favourite tea.

I hope these ideas help keep you on budget this holiday season so you can enjoy the TRUE meaning of Christmas with your loved ones!

Three Mugs and throw are from Chapters.com

This post brought to you in partnership with TD bank