Curry Cream Salad

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Photo 2015-11-25, 3 58 43 PMI feel a bit like I am cheating calling this a recipe but you know what, I love me a quick but scrumptious recipe that almost doesn’t classify as a recipe because its just THAT easy, so here you go!

This is one of my all time favourites! I first made this recipe back in the day when I worked at a local restaurant called Jeffrey’s, and have loved it ever since. At this point I have made it so many times and tweaked it along the way that I can’t even remember what exactly was in the original but this is how my family and I currently enjoy it.

You will need

Photo 2015-11-25, 3 58 03 PMa bowl of chopped lettuce ( I used bagged salad, because I am that lazy)

 1/4 cup of red onion

1/2  cup of dried mango

1 cup salted peanuts

2 heaping tbsp of curry paste

1/2 cup of heavy cream

salt and pepper to taste

So All you need to do is chop up your mango into bite size pieces ( alternatively you could use raisins/dates/any dried fruit)

and chop your red onion. Toss them all into your bowl of lettucePhoto 2015-11-25, 3 58 27 PM

to make the dressing you will need to add your curry paste to your cream with salt and pepper and mix

I like to use a mason jar for this process

curry cream salad

And that’s it folks.

To serve toss with dressing. To make this as a heartier meal add jasmine rice and chicken to the salad or serve on the side. Naan bread would be delightful as well…… slathered with butter… because you’re eating salad so its all good.