Kid Friendly White Living Room Decor

Hey guys! I thought I would try my hand at doing a video for todays blog post answering one of my most asked questions on instagram, “How do you live with white stuff and kids”…. I answer that and a few other questions you may or may not have wanted answered ( ha) as I am a wee bit long winded and that was obvious in this video and my life as my father will attest. I also wanted to provide all the links for the items I talked about in the blog. My sofa is from Ikea and the covers are from Comfort Works. The white shelves are also from ikea and the rest is shown below. I hope you enjoyed this video, i sure had fun making it and will hopefully continue to make them for you all, although it is quite the learning curve for this computer illiterate blogger ( like how I cut my face off for a good portion of this video…. whatever). Hopefully you found these tips helpful and or freeing if you were wanting to also decorate with light furnishings but have crazy kids!