Frazzled Mom


Yesterday was just one of those days. I was super emotional and was feeling…blah. I thought I would put together a little list of some things I love that help pick me up when I am feeling down. These would make perfect last min. gifts or as a treat for yourself, because some days just call for cozy comforts!

I love this book ” Life among the savages” by Shirley Jackson. It is so funny, my poor husband  had to listen to me quoting paragraphs from it all night, but even he chuckled because it really truly is what life is like while raising kids! As a mom of two little girls I especially love all the parts where her daughter sings little songs because for real this is what our house sounds like ALL THE TIME ( there is no rest for my tired ears).

There is nothing like coming home to a good book, cozy clothes ( loving over the knee socks lately and they also make a great instagram photo… I know I know I’m  helping people all over the world with very important things, your welcome), and a big ole cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate or if you’re me all three.

I also wanted to throw in some beauty products I love because those always make a gal feel better.  Moroccan oil products have transformed my super dry and frizzy hair. I also love the travel size perfumes because I can’t commit.

And homemade marshmallows…. seriously they will rock your world!