Decorating with Accessories


I find the smallest accessories really make a space stand out and can be that finishing stamp that makes your style at home unique. There are a few key ways I add these accessories into our home, and I thought I would share some of my little tricks for accessorizing with you today. Of course picking items that YOU love is the most important part when accessorizing your home and in the end it will stand out because they are all items you love.Photo 2015-12-04, 1 19 31 PM

I love quirky fun objects and these bookends fit the bill. I have them styled on our guest room dresser and love how they sparkle and compliment the colour of the dresser. I love using bookends on open shelves to add style as well. A trick with bookends is to think of them not only for holding up books but also as separate vignette objects. You do not have to keep them in a pair when styling them on a shelf, dresser or side table.

Photo 2015-12-09, 7 14 19 PM

Fun throw pillows!

If you have followed my blog or my Instagram account for any amount of time then you know how much I love a good pillow. I am ( along with the rest of the World) loving the quote trend that is covering everything from mugs to t-shirts, and have added in a few pillows in this style to our living room. These can be picked up anywhere but my favourite shops are Etsy and Chapters.comPhoto 2015-11-18, 12 42 36 PM

A pouf can be used for so many things!

Of course there is the obvious foot stool, or extra seating option when styling your pouf, but I love to use them to fill in awkward empty spaces in a room like I have shown in this photo. Tuck them under your entryway table, console table or coffee table to add texture & fill up negative space! They instantly make your room look complete.Photo 2015-11-21, 2 40 53 PM


Obviously mirrors look beautiful hanging on your wall, but why not try using them in an unconventional way like a tray on your coffee table!

This one I have shown here has a protruding frame but mirrors with a flat frame would work just as well!

Whatever accessories you choose remember to always pick things you love and soon your style will shine and be uniquely your own!