Wayfair Winter Refresh Challenge




Oh January…. I have a love hate relationship with this month. I love the new beginnings January brings, but it’s usually  the coldest month for us here in Northern Alberta, and a reminder that there are still many more months of winter left  to get through. This winter has been especially challenging on my mood as it has been extra foggy and overcast. Grande Prairie is cold but at least the sun is usually shining, this winter though that hasn’t been the case. So when Wayfair contacted me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the Wayfair winter refresh challenge, I was so excited! Every January when I take down the Christmas decorations I crave a change in my living room decor. Making subtle changes always helps brigten my grumpy winter mood, so I decided this was the perfect room to give a mini winter refresh makeover to.

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 36 24 PM

If you are looking to brighten up a room in your house or even just change it up a bit, always start with the basics. I loved our old rug, and I know it was very popular especially on my Instagram feed, but I was really craving a change in this department.  I decided to try a rug that was neutral, but had a bit more of a playful pattern. I am in love with THIS one we ended up choosing ( bonus it is super easy to clean).

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 37 03 PM

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 37 15 PM

Another corner that needed a little work was in between our chair and sofa. I used to have a very large rectangle side table here, but it was way to big for the space. I was searching for the perfect round side table and fell in love with THIS beauty. It’s the perfect size and it’s gold! I’m in love.

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 33 32 PM

Next I changed out our old beige curtains for white ones. This really helped to make the living room feel fresh and new. I also wanted to update our mirror but didn’t want to spend the money on a new one, so I decided to give it a little TLC. I grabbed some of my chalk-paint in white and sponged it all over the mirror. I love how it brightened up the wall, but found there was now too much white ( if there can be such a thing).  With the new white mirror, the old white picture frames and white floating shelves, it was just too much. This often happens when decorating any space. You make a small change and it ends up propelling you into changing more then you had bargained for. This happens all the time to me so do not be discouraged if you find this happening when you decorate a room. Thank goodness I had these wooden frames downstairs and they ended up adding the perfect contrast to the wall. I also wanted some new art work in the frames. My sister in law offered to make me these ink sketches, and to say I love them is an understatement!

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 34 30 PM

I also changed out the decor on some of my floating shelves. Styling shelves is always a work in progress around here. I like to stick with white pieces that have a touch of gold or brass ( like THIS mini urn) and then add in pops of colour in fun design books or a one of a kind piece like this wooden heart from Olivewood Designs.

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 37 50 PM

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 36 47 PM

My favourite new addition to our living room is THIS brown leather pouf. The colour of this pouf is wasn’t something I normally gravitate towards, but I love how it works with the brown in our new frames and it really warms up the living room. This little guy is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or change out everything in your room to freshen it up. Trying something different can totally change how you view your space. I think poufs are the perfect accessory for big impact on a small budget. The finishing touch was switching out our pillows. I wanted to add some more colour into our very neutral room so I chose to accent with blue and green pillows. I love how bright and fun they are!

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 35 29 PM

Photo 2016-01-08, 4 34 11 PM

I hope this inspires you to try  brightening up a space in your own home.

Start by looking around and changing out what doesn’t work (like our large side table), then update any items that are past their prime ( like our old rug), lastly try adding in an unexpected colour or texture ( like our brown leather pouf) and tossing in some colourful accessories ( like our blue and green pillows). Remember to have fun when decorating any space and always stay true to your own style!

Thank you Wayfair for sponsoring this post.