Inside Our Kitchen

2014-02-18 22.26.15

This year I have challenged myself to get rid of all the STUFF taking up valuable space in our home. I find most of it are items I never use, but have kept for who knows how long. Its been weighing heavily on my mind that I am so used to just buying more and more instead of using what we have in our home and the main reason for that is there was just SO much of it I couldn’t see what was really necessary, so it has been a goal of mine to just get rid of it!

In this process of getting rid of stuff we no longer need, I have also been working on organizing what we DO need. Our home, although loved, is really not that big. Our kitchen in all it’s white glory requires me to constantly be purging and organizing because it’s really not that large for a family of 5. For this reason I thought this would be the perfect room to share some of the tricks we have done to make our space more user friendly, and hopefully this inspires you to tackle your kitchen,bedroom,office what have you if it needs a little purge and organization in its life too.

Please keep in mind I have no skills in organizing. In fact it’s what I am probably worst at in life lol hence why I put it off for soooo long. However it’s so freeing to get rid of STUFF and organize what you have and need. So I have made it a goal to share more posts about this new season of life for me all about living with less.

Photo 2016-01-11, 1 24 16 PMStarting from left to right these cupboard are right next to each other on the left hand side of the stove. Our dishwasher is directly in front of them in the island. My mother in law gave me a great tip about organzing your kitchen. You should always have the dishes you wash the most closest to the dishwasher…. makes sense right. Well some of us like to do things the hard way and you should have seen how I had my kitchen organzied before she taught me this lol. I quickly moved our plates and bowls to this large cupboard right across from the dishwasher. Right next to it we recently moved my husbands shaker bottles (and protein powders) because they are on heavy rotation through the dishwasher as well. Do what works for your family! Photo 2016-01-11, 1 23 40 PM

Below those cupboards you will find all of our knives, utensils and kitchen gadgets. I recently purged the kitchen gadget drawer and moved my wooden spoons and flippers etc to the marble container next to the stove. It freed up a lot of space in this drawer and makes more sense to be right near the stove where they are needed. 

2014-02-18 22.21.46The drawers across from the dishwasher are filled with pots and pans ( most of the lids are in our pantry, I do not find I use them that often) and the last drawer has an assortment of muffin tins, cake pans, hand held mixer and cheese grater. Photo 2016-01-11, 1 48 28 PM

Now obviously not everything can be right across from the dishwasher if you do not have a larger kitchen so we chose to put our mugs and cups and mixing bowls on the right hand side of the stove. I share an insane amount of photos of mugs on instagram, so our collection is a little out of control. If you do not use mugs as part of your business please do not keep this many haha its unnecessary but again you have to do what works for your lifestyle.

Photo 2016-01-11, 1 25 21 PMBelow the mugs and cups are the baking tools. I like to have those closer to my pantry and I tend to gravitate towards cooking on the side of my island that is closest to the pantry and fridge so it made sense for them to be there along with a drawer for waxpaper, ziploc bags etc.

Photo 2016-01-11, 1 24 57 PMNow comes the best part of how we decided to organize our kitchen! It’s a little unconventional but it makes so much sense for us. My sister in law helped me see the light in making an entire drawer for my spices and baking products such as baking powder, cocoa powder and baking soda ( but not flour sugar etc. those are also in the pantry).

I love having loads of spices and stuff and it used to be crammed into the cupboard right next to our stove. It is also so lovely to be cooking and pull a drawer out with everything at your fingertips, instead of having a bag of cinnamon fall out of your cupboard and you curse in front of your innocent children as it spills into every nook and cranny from here to kingdom come while the rest of your supper burns….. spices in a drawer, Eureka!

Below that is our ever loved coffee and tea drawer! We live on this stuff, it needed its on drawer, and a BIG one at that. Perfection.

Photo 2016-01-11, 1 24 38 PM

Past the fridge is my random stuff. Stuff that just doesn’t fit. Misfits of the kitchen if you will. I like to keep as much off my countertops as possible so we cleared a space for our toaster oven ( we use this instead of a traditional toaster) and white serving bowls. next to it you will find my cookbook collection that is still a work in progress. Something about getting rid of cookbooks, even if you haven’t used them since they were gifted to you 7 years ago at your wedding, breaks my heart. You will also find my cleaning products in there because under my sink is full of a water purifier system and according to my sister an oversized garbage can.

The cabinets below these are my current projects. They currently store a million vases,a panini press, tupperware and a bread bin that holds no bread…. my organizing skills have yet to care about what goes in these cupboards… you gotta have some of those right. OH and the little drawers above hold our washcloths and towels and odds and ends like highlighters, broken pencils and matches…. not everything is pretty and that’s O.K

So there you have it, the inside of our kitchen. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what’s behind those shiny doors and it inspires you to tackle your stuff, organize it and if like me you find you just have WAY TO MUCH, give it away!