Mixing Patterns

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I love the fashion trend of mixing your patterns to create unique and detailed looks, but I love this trend even more when applying it to home decor! Mixing patterns can seem a little tricky but there are a few tricks I use to keep your sofa looking styled as opposed to a train wreck of patterns that do not go together and end up just looking like a mess.

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~ Stick with a neutral color scheme

This doesn’t mean all the pillows have to be one neutral color like brown or grey. Incorporating many neutral colors, as I have done here,¬†gives you room to play around with color but in a subtle way.

~ Use different patters

Try mixing in florals with geometrics, polka dots with solid lines etc.

~ Colour

If you love a pop of color you can totally add that in but my advice would be to keep it a solid colored pillow instead of another pattern.

All of the pillows featured are from Motif Pillows. I fell in love with their high quality and variety of pillows, below I have listed my favourites for pattern mixing! Motif Pillows also offered to give one of my followers a free pillow of their choice ( with a few exceptions) and you can enter this giveaway on my Instagram account HERE.