My Favourite Cookbooks






I have been cleaning out my cookbook cupboard and decided I should pull a post together featuring my favourite cookbooks. The thing is if you are like me, you might start to accumulate cookbooks and never actually read them or make recipes from them. I go through food fazes, probably more then anyone I know ha ha. My first cookbooks were “Starting Out” ( a gift from my mom) and then “Bite Me” which my sister introduced me to. From those cookbooks I have gone through a clean eating phase, a paleo phase, a major Pioneer Woman phase, a lets keep it simple cooking phase, to a mish-mash of all my food phases combined. This is why I have accumulated so many cookbooks. It was time though to go through my cupboard and decide which ones stayed and which ones had to go. So here is a compilation of my  cookbooks but only the very best ones.

I hope you enjoy!

  1. “Starting Out” -Make the banana bread and crisp recipes. This is seriously the best cookbook for beginners but I still use it all the time ha. It has all the old standby recipes and presents them in a simple and clear way!

2. Bite Me- This cookbook brings back all the memories and its fun to read! I looooove the chocolate chip scone recipe and use it to make different spin off scone recipes as well. The chicken dishes in this cookbook are also amazing and old standbys I still use today ( even though I got this book like 6 years ago….)

3. Pioneer Woman- Oh Ree, you won me over right from the start. These recipes are not healthy…. at all but they make up for it in comfort and deliciousness. If I am having guests over and have no idea what to make, I always turn to these cookbooks because seriously nothing I have ever made was bad, it was all sinfully delicious! My favourite is ” The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Food from my Frontier” but all of them are worth having in your kitchen.

4. Chocolate Covered Katie- Do you follow her blog? If not you MUST! She makes healthy treats that taste so good they will blow your socks off. I have made soon many of her recipes from her blog but love having her cookbook on hand too. Her peanut butter pie is always on heavy rotation through our house and it takes no time to make ( especially if you pour it into a store bought graham cracker crust like I do… its all about moderation guys).

5. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook- This cookbook has amazing recipes that are so inspiring and the photos are stunning! It will motivate you to cook!

6. My Father’s Daughter- Gwyneth sure knows how to cook, and these recipes are truly some of the best!

7. In My Mother’s Kitchen- These recipes are simple and healthy and take the stress out of cooking but you feel so good about yourself when you make them! Everything in this book is amazing!

8. Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics- The granola recipe in this book is so good, and Ina is so soothing and makes cooking seem exciting, sometimes you just need someone to convince you to step back in that kitchen when you feel like you have spent your entire life in there, ya know!

9. Looneyspoons- This cookbook is a little disorganized but the recipes are healthy spins on comfort food we all love and they are amazing. I especially love the pizza recipes!