Keeping Your Fresh Holiday Greens Alive until Christmas…..

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I decided to try hanging fresh greens up for Christmas this year. I found mine at Superstore and was able to decorate our entire upstairs with just $30.00 worth!! For the fire place mantel and my window ledges I just laid the greens down, but for my staircase I ended up using stretchy elastic string to hang mine. Confession I tried hanging them with a swag but it was TOO much work and I was starting to get frustrated so I hung ¬†them just straight across with no swag, only to realize the next morning I jung them backwards ( swooping up the stair case not down) and when I pointed it out to my husband he laughed and said yes he noticed that when he came in but it looked like so much work he didn’t have the heart to tell me ha ha ha. So yesterday I was back at it hanging them the proper way going down the stairs, and now I AM IN LOVE with how they turned out!

I had to take a shuttle from our car dealership with all my greens the day I bought them ( and 3 boxes of groceries) because they ended up squeezing my car in for a little check up ( is that what it’s called…???) on short notice. So I loaded all my stuff into the shuttle and ended up having the loveliest chat with Bonnie who drives the shuttle ( Hi Bonnie). Her family owns a greenhouse so she taught me all about keeping my greens alive.

Here are her tips:

Spritz the greens with water every 3-4 days ( I used a spray bottle with a fine mist)

Keep your house cool especially at night

If possible lay damp cold dish towels on the greens, kind of wrapped around them once a week to really get lots of moisture into them

If you have a humidifier in your house this will make them last even longer!

Bonnie said with all these tricks you should be able to get your garland to last a whole month!

Hope this helps all you newbies like me and please share any other tips you know of in my instagram account!